Lauren (sugarbear42) wrote in student_voice,

Spring Fling

Hey again,

I just had a thought. We were discussing what we could give away during Spring Fling that would be representative of what we are in the same kind of way that the art clubs do charactures. Bracelets, pens, buttons, food all came up, however, I thought...why not give away pens or pencils (with "The Student Voice" printed on them) and paperback journals. It may be expensive but I'm willing to pitch in and we could order them bulk off of a printing website. We'd be encouraging the Wake Tech students to write. Let me know what you think :)

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Sounds good with me, if there are no other ideas I am sure this would be the best option to do. We'll have to see what the others think.
Awesome idea! I can't wait to get my own Student Voice journal. ^_^*
I likey. ^_^

I can't tell you how many times other students have asked me if they could borrow a pencil or a piece of paper (you would figure those would come in handy during a class, but I guess some people just wanna show up, sit down, and zone out. ^_^; ), and after Spring Fling, they won't have an excuse. :D

I'm wondering how long it would take to process and produce, though. It'd probably be best to order them soon.
I was just looking into it. It isn't the amount of time that it would take to get them made that I'm concerned about (that doesn't take too long - about two weeks), rather the price. I'm willing to pitch in some personal funds, but it's not cheap... Depending on what we want, we're looking at atleast $300 to $350. I'm thinking that the paper's budget maybe doesn't cover this. Holler back :)

BTW: LOL...You "likey".
$300+, huh? Hm.

Most, if not all of our budget goes into printing issues of the Voice. We could ask for a budget increase like we were talking about earlier, under the argument of merchandise leading to more interest.

We could also divide the stock we get and hand out one half during Spring Fling, and sell the rest in the College Bookstore to earn back at least some of what we spent.

I don't see the pens or pencils as being a problem to get, but getting the journals would be tough. I suppose I'll be at the SGA meeting this friday then, if they're still having it. Aren't classes cancelled on Friday? I'll have to look into that. When exactly is Spring Fling? I can't find it on WT's website.
Spring Fling, last time I checked the event calendar, was to be held on April 8th, so we have some time.


February 17 2005, 12:00:28 UTC 13 years ago

I imagine that the administration already orders pens and pencils for campus use. Talking to someone in the student affairs office would help you accomplish this.